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   The Department takes great pride in fostering a research-friendly environment through uninterrupted investments on research-oriented facilities. The University library currently hosts nearly 10,000 physics books, the majority of which are written in English, and subscribes major physics electronic journals in addition to paper-bound research periodicals. The computer room housed in the Department is equipped with a 48-way (SMP) IBM Blade serve (96 GB memory), IBM 336 and 346 server units, a Pentium 48-CPU cluster computer, and peripheral facilities to meet research needs.




      The ongoing research programs in the Department are divided into following six areas: (1) Physics of magnetism and superconductivity, (2) Nano-materials and device physics, (3) Eelectro-optical physics, (4) Surface physics, (5) Atomic optics and laser cooling, and (6) Theoretical and computational physics. Research activities are supported by the National Research Council, the Ministry of Education, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, and private enterprises. Collaborations of faculty members with research groups in Taiwan as well as abroad are frequent.

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